Things You Need To Know About ChatGPT

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What is ChatGPT? (in its own words!)

ChatGPT is a conversational AI system that is based on the GPT-3 (Generative Pretrained Transformer 3) language model.

If you are just hearing about this tool or haven’t heard what it can do, let us inform you of what ChatGPT can do!

Advantages and Features of ChatGPT

For People who have heard quite a bit about ChatGPT, you would probably like to know more about it and what its crowning feathers are. More importantly, you will want to know if it can help you and put your business in a better position.

Capable of Producing Varying Text

Content, specifically text content, can be used for various reasons. You may need it for a blog, or for social media, or in-depth guides, or perhaps you just need to summarise a blog. Thus, ChatGPT allows for all these content types to be delivered based on the prompt input by the users.

Language Translation

Although English is the core language to access ChatGPT, it does work well with a few other languages. Surely in the future, the company is bound to add support for more languages.

A move like this would only add more subscribers to the tool that has already amassed a million subscribers.

Rapid Output

Based on software, a computer, and the data input during training, ChatGPT can output quality content faster than a human being. This is highly appealing when content is an important part of your business strategy.

To put its speed in perspective, it takes ChatGPT seconds to mere minutes to write a blog that would otherwise take a person an hour or more to write!

Text Distinguishing Human Speech

Upon reading any text emitted by the ChatGPT tool, you will notice how familiar it is. Not in the sense of plagiarism, but by the way, the text sounds like text written by a human. This is good news, as there would be no use of content that sounds like a bot wrote it.

This makes the content from ChatGPT so much more useful for any business that is serious about its content marketing approach.

Fairly In-Depth Content

If fed on the right type of data, ChatGPT can output impressively detailed content! But, failure to feed it that data and the responses are poorly elaborated and can even be unrelated. But, with the right training and data, ChatGPT can explain a topic in full detail, such as something as in-depth as black matter!

How ChatGPT Helps a Business?

  • Limits / Shifts Resources Required
  • Reduced Costs
  • Improves Leads & Sales
  • Ensures a Steady Flow of Creativity
  • Offers Content Precisely Asked for
  • Translates Text
  • Business Scalability

The positives of ChatGPT are numerous, and you may wonder if there is any drawback at all to using the tool. Unfortunately, there are a few, and they can potentially be a dealbreaker.

The Limitations of ChatGPT

Even ChatGPT has a few shortcomings, and the company clearly outlines these limitations on its website through a list of points.

1. Responses from ChatGPT may be hailed as sophisticated and correct. However, although they look correct when read aloud, they do not provide any reasonable meaning.

2. Plus, there are chances that the output text is not correct 100% of the time! You will have to double-check the content to assess its accuracy. Furthermore, it cannot source answers from the entire internet but only through the data given for training.

3. Unlike other AI chatbot tools, ChatGPT only has access to the data it receives during training. Therefore, if the data used to train it is biased, there are opportunities for the chatbot to produce partial responses.

4. Suppose prompts are too complex or contain too many parameters. In that case, there are chances that the chatbot will ignore certain parameters or respond with an unrelated response. This is beyond disappointing based on the recent praise this tool has received.

5. ChatGPT cannot garner responses about events after 2021, as its training data ends here!

6. It is free when capacity is low, but these days that is very rare. You can get unrestricted access to the tool and new features by opting for the paid version, ChatGPT Plus, which costs $20/month.

Drawbacks of ChatGPT

  • → Responses Restricted to Learning Data
  • → Large Amounts of Data Needed for Training
  • → Limited to Short Text Only
  • → It’s now a Paid Tool


ChatGPT is a tool that can revolutionize the market and businesses that rely on good content to market their products/services. If used properly, it can even boost the careers of freelancers who find it difficult to manage multiple tasks and produce effective, high-quality content.

To people who need extra help, ChatGPT will change people’s schedules and ability to spend time and money elsewhere where needed.

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